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Digital Incubation Platform

World's first
Digital Incubation
Platform With Integrated Mentorship


SKILLSertifika Bootup360

The SKILLSertifika Bootup360 is the world’s first digital incubation platform with integrated mentorship. Its rich and comprehensive incubation tools enable emerging entrepreneurs to develop a seed idea from scratch and take it to the market. The platform’s sophisticated yet simple-to-follow hands-on tools foster innovative and holistic thinking while developing an idea and making a solid business plan. The unique mentorship support built on the platform enables mentors & advisors to provide meaningful guidance to new entrepreneurs, and thus significantly improving their chance of success.


  • Out-of-the-box business Incubation Platform with customization options to meet specific requirements
  • Cloud-based platform that requires no hardware or software investment
  • The platform is constantly upgraded to stay in tune with the new economy and innovations around us
  • Access to international exposure through mentorship support from industry leaders from around the world
  • A structured, yet flexible methodology to develop an idea with confidence
  • Gain access to investors, if you need capital to take your idea to new heights
  • Acquire entrepreneurial skills that are highly valued in the modern business context and equally appreciated at classic organizations
  • Supports economic empowerment – developing entrepreneurs – from “looking for a job” to “creating a job”
  • Opportunity for local businesses to serve or partner with emerging Startups



A rich set of highly curated 25+ business incubation tools that covers the most important aspects of business incubation - from ideation to market-launch, such as creating the idea canvas, evaluating the disruption potential, identifying the minimum viable product (MVP), assessing product-market fit, building the revenue model, creating sales & marketing strategies, making investor pitch, and much more.


The platform has been carefully designed to capture the essentials of all business types so that is applicable for any kind of modern business i.e., the framework and tools on the platform allow emerging entrepreneurs and innovators to develop any kind of idea whether it is digital or physical, a product or a service, and in any industry domain.


Unlike traditional mentorship, which is usually unstructured and swings in one direction or the other, the BootUp360 platform has a built-in mentorship to enable structured and holistic mentorship. Advisors provide meaningful guidance and feedback using the “smart-view" feature of the platform.


The BootUp360 platform is available 24x7 globally. So, entrepreneurs and mentors could be spread across the world - Mentors need not be at the same location or the time zone to support entrepreneurs, as review and feedback mechanisms are built to support asynchronous communication



Forward-thinking educational institutions can leverage BootUp360 to build their business incubation facility without the need for physical space or elaborate infrastructure. The out-of-the-box business incubation platform could either be integrated with the institution’s existing curriculum/degree course, or could be offered as a certificate program, or a capstone project. The incubation platform with integrated mentorship, empowers the students to innovate and turn their ideas into real businesses.


Traditional physical incubators or accelerators can dramatically improve the chance of success of their current and future cohorts by complimenting their facility with the BootUp360 platform as their digital companion. Its structured and comprehensive out-of-the-box business incubation tools add richness and robustness to existing programs. Further, by onboarding associated mentors to the platform, incubators & accelerators can provide highly structured and meaningful support to their startups.


Small and medium businesses that dare to dream big need new ideas to gain a larger share of the market or rather disrupt large players. By leveraging BootUp360, an out-of-the-box ideation and incubation platform, a new or an adjacent business model can be developed. With structured tools and methodologies, and guidance from industry experts, small & medium size businesses can unleash their creativity and develop an idea to its fruition..


Large corporates need to constantly innovate to stay relevant and maintain their leadership position in the market. Offer BootUp360 to employees and harness their creativity by providing a structured ideation and business case development platform. Its intuitive out-of-the-box tool fosters innovation and intrapreneurship. Leaders and mentors in the organization can be paired with the employees to support them during their ideation.