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In the competitive environment coupled with the far-reaching uncertainties and disruption caused by the present pandemic, one of the most difficult things to do is to calm one self and to Think. Even in the normal times for most of us, Thinking has never been easy and may be relegated to a few in a dark corner as others are too busy in their shining armour to fight the competition to protect their turf. That’s why the most of the thinking is outsourced.

Is there an answer to this problem? Certainly, yes! If you have an instrument which reliably calibrate the thinking capability in a student and an employee and give out a plan to work upon.

iTAT (Innovative Thinking Ability Tool) - Uniquely designed thinking capability platform (iTAT) by using artificial intelligence, data analytics and cloud which will bridge the skill gap between conventional thinking and the future thinking skills requirement at all 3 levels (institution, start-ups and organisations) with the help of 4 uniquely designed thinking hats followed with cloud based thinking assessment, learning and re-assessment.

“There is a need to create thinkers rather than doers at institutional level, corporates and starts up as computers are the partial answers for the technology human interface as other half depends upon thinking which further leads invention into innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Problem Set:


How Do I get a better job?

How I can crack an Interview of a top-level Company?

What if I get stuck in adverse situations in life?


How do I get a Sale?

How to compete with our competitors or big companies?

How can I sustain?


Organisations will vanish if they can’t innovate product or services because of competitions or new entrants.

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Exam: iTAT (Innovative Thinking Ability Tool)

School / College / University

Duration: 60 minutes

Total marks: 60

Entrepreneur / Startup

Duration: 90 minutes

Total marks: 100

Working Professionals

Duration: 90 minutes

Total marks: 100

Note: NO NEGATIVE marking

AI and Data Analytics will measure your thinking capabilities on strategy, scenarios and will map your competence based on 4 thinking capabilities.

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Benefits of iTAT

Using iTAT you will learn how to use a disciplined process which will help you

View problems from new and unusual angles

See all sides of a situation

Think clearly and objectively

Spot opportunities where others see only problems

Stimulate innovation by generating more and better ideas quickly

Consider issues, problems, decisions, and opportunities systematically

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