• Dec, 15 2020
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In this concluding part we highlight a few key points on how our lives has changed and will change forever post pandemic

Greater transparency, accountability and a collaborative style of functioning will prevail - enforced by Tech V 5.0. Technology is the great growling engine of change and the pandemic has accelerated arrival of tech V 5.0 as told earlier and it fundamentally alters the we think and live.

End of information hoarding, middlemen, one man shows, coterie rules, rule of mediocrity and loyalty bonuses - these evils have plagued India and other developing nations for very long in business, politics and governance - V 5.0 is going to end all this.

Which also implies V 5.0 WILL TRIGGER A CREATIVE DESTRUCTION - going by Joseph Schumpeter's theory or Lord Shiva's dance of destruction. Many dishonest businesses (Indian and Rogue MNCs) will perish, corrupt Governments will fall around the world and political parties will be forced to readjust.

AND LAST - NO ROOM FOR MEDIOCRITY. Every person will have to find his/her niche and be outstanding in it. For example - only students who secure 90% in engineering or 70% in management courses will be fit for corporate careers or entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship.


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