• Dec, 15 2020
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In this part we talk about economic, social and political consequences of the pandemic and its subsequent effect on Corporate Governance

End of era of luxury goods! We may not see the 1 cr. + cars anymore in future. Even a rich man will think twice before expending his money on these vehicles. On the whole every person will think twice before spending and indulging on expensive stuff - the VFM factor will reign supreme. The entire economics of consumer behavior will change and with that Marketing.

On social front - sterner legislations are expected around the world on health care, environment and public services. This will accelerate e-vehicles, e-mobility, implementation of the 17 sustainability goals of the UN, enforce more stringent green practices in manufacturing and compel businesses to fuse social goals with business goals

On political front - Tech V 5.0 will change governance and enforce greater transparency and accountability, eliminate middle men and corruption that goes with it. India for very long had been the economy of "Dalals" - middlemen and the black money Dalali generates. Tech V 5.0 will end middleman and black money and with that political parties will have to rethink new ways of funding elections.


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