• Dec, 11 2020
  • Admin

Continuing from part 3, what will be the effects of Tech V 5.0? Not all of it can be predicted, but a few trends are visible:-

a) ABSOLUTELY NO ROOM FOR MEDIOCRITY IN BUSINESS. END OF ME-TOO BUSINESSES and competitive imitations, price wars and trade discounts. It's how you innovate and how FAST.
b) It will free human minds from routine tasks - taken over by SWARM IAMs, Robots in MFG.
c) future managerial jobs will be MIND GAMES - and functional silos will vanish - a manager will be supposed to know all strategic tasks - in all domains, behave and think like an entrepreneur in start-ups. This is already happening.
d) AI based systems will predict consumer behavior and replicate human thinking and emotions. Marketing will no more remain a simple 4 P function
e) companies will look like a dense complex network of knowledge alliances and multiple ventures. M&As may be out of place. Scale and cost efficiencies will come from innovations - not size and platform based products bundled with services - already happening for last 15 years and will gather pace POST COVID.
f) Greater transparencies in Company Governance, but we may still witness new kind of scamsters and tech wizards hijacking company databases to siphon off billions!



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