• Dec, 11 2020
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In this part we elaborate further on Tech V 5.0. This is the single biggest transformation that COVID is going to bring in and what was supposed to happen around 2030 is happening now! This rapid transformation will have multiple effects. But first: - what it is all about?

a) V 5.0 will be an amalgamation and synthesis of the earlier 4.0 technologies which has been developing over last 20-25 years
b) V 5.0 will amplify human intelligence and will deal mainly with Intelligence Amplification Mechanisms - IAM
c) v 5.0 will bring in SWARM INTELLIGENCE - IAM to improve collective decisions on uncertain and new businesses and markets - charting unknown waters and the KNOWN - UNKNOWNS.
d) V 4.0 mainly automated the manual functions, 5.0 will now automate the strategic functions at business model level and will amplify COLLABORATIVE INTELLIGENCE - knowledge pooled over inter-company collaborations
e) V 5.0 will enable management teams to develop COUNTER-INTUITIVE thinking abilities - a capability not within reach of us, only highly developed minds can think counter-intuitively - challenging one's intuition and judgement all the time

I predicted a generic outline of what V 5.0 will look like, there are many technical details I am not competent to predict


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