• Dec, 28 2020
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How to start a business with innovative ideas?

The answer is to read! Today’s business is technology-intensive, network-intensive, and requires a lot of reading and thinking. For example –let us say you want to devise an app that aggregates the car repair mechanics – spread all over the city –How the App will aggregate? How will it charge the user and the mechanic? How will you bring 100s of small and big and diverse car repair shops in the App? This requires clear thinking and devising a clear business model. It is here that SKILLSertifika’s comprehensive learning platform on innovation and entrepreneurship will help you, comprising three rigorous modules on thinking skills, including design thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, and AI-based technology practice tools to build a demo App.

Easy ways you can turn innovation into success?

There is no easy way actually! However, there are SMART ways to do so. What is the SMART approach here? Getting the maximum effect with minimum resource usage – funds, time, and effort. In essence, the concept here is – EFFORT MULTIPLIER. Focus on effort multipliers, just like a modern air force like the IAF uses force multipliers, supplementing fighter aircraft with radars, mid-air refuellers, airborne radar jamming systems, missiles on the ground. What are the effort multipliers? Identifying the right people who will generate marketing leads, connect you to investors, marketing channels, potential customers & so on. However, to understand the concept of effort multipliers takes some time investment, burning the midnight oil, and having patience. In essence – face the music now and have it easy later! SKIILSertifika’s learning platform teaches you to master the art of building effort multipliers.


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