• Dec, 11 2020
  • Admin

This piece follows my earlier post. V 4.0 has been around for 20 years now and V 5.0 is emerging and will arrive soon, here's what it is:-

a)V 4.0 was mainly about gathering vast amounts of data and crunching them using big data analysis and machine learning. Machine learning doesn't work where historical richness of data is missing - exploring new markets, new product launches and creating new industry segments. V 5.0 is all about amplification of human mind and swarm intelligence
b) Artificial Swarm Intelligence harnesses tacit knowledge of humans, quantifies them and allows better collective decisions on strategy
c) Amplification of the human mind is ALL ABOUT THINKING COUNTER-INTUITIVELY, thinking FAST & SLOW simultaneously - can't be done by 1 person. Tacit knowledge of a group will be collated by ASI and this will amplify the intelligence to a counter-intuitive level.

The message is loud and clear - THERE IS NO ROOM FOR MEDIOCRITY. LEARN CONTINUOUSLY OR PERISH. BE GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO. NOT EVERYONE HAS TO BECOME AN ENGINEER-MBA. Those 20th century stereotypes are not going to work anymore.


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