• Dec, 11 2020
  • Admin

Not all effects of COVID are bad. Here are some positive fallouts:-

a) It has accelerated digital transformation and this doesn't imply further unemployment - on the contrary digital transformation will give rise to new jobs, new skills sets and even new industries like SMART ENERGY GRIDS, wireless transmission of power and E-Mobility
b) It has forced a rethink on Macro Economic policy and very soon Governments across the world will come out with new legislation, making companies fuse social and business goals. CSR will be passé, it will be mandatory for business to fuse social and business objectives and fuse social goals into the mainstream business strategy
c) Tech V 4.0 will soon make way for V 5.0 - the next generation of digital technologies, which will amalgamate and fuse V 4.0 technologies under an umbrella platform. This will amplify human intelligence. Terms like Swarm intelligence (collective thinking) and AHI - amplification of human intelligence will soon become common place
d) This will weed out dishonesty and information hoarding - Tech v 5.0 will enforce transparency, collaboration, innovation and 10x value offerings.
e) Those who read and reskill a great future awaits them!


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