SKILLSertifika is an Indian ed-tech firm headquartered in Singapore with other offices being in India & Nepal. We are a research-based organization focusing on one word – INNOVATION. Founded and operated by industry professionals, we reach out to participants across the world with our ambitious training and certification programs. SKILLSertifika is a global leader in the certification of professional skills, partnering with organisations to offer unmatched, impeccable innovation, intrapreneurship & entrepreneurship experience through learning material, business thinking skills & live projects.

Our team members have published research papers in international refereed journals. Ever since our inception, we have impacted several millions of souls through our tailored and up to date online as well as offline training – cum certification programs. We have experienced faculty members (ex IIM and IIFT with international papers published and people from corporate having more than 20 years of rich experience from research and development, IT and manufacturing etc).

Our Mission

Inspiring people to change the way they think through education.

Our Vision

SKILLSertifika will be the benchmark in education for its competitors by creating an organisation where everyone will act as a stakeholder to grow together.


We try to understand the unspoken needs and pain.


We try to understand that We deliver what we claim


We never keep our customer in the dark. Our interactions are clear.

The Beginning

It all started when the first workshop for "India Region" was delivered at R.D. College - Panipat, Haryana. After months of trial & error, we had succeeded in getting a one-hour session which was attended by 3 students. The workshop was a success as the students thoroughly enjoyed our session and enrolled for Netcom.

Starting from a small office for 3 in Delhi, we now currently have presence in two countries (Singapore & India). We have also started for the region of Nepal, while planning & preparation are ongoing for Bhutan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka.

In our journey we have seen a lot of Ups & Downs but all of these are important as they are integral to the word: EXPERIENCE. The challenges faced during these times helped us to understand that this cycle of failure and trying is actually SUCCESS.


We believe in giving to society what we have gained from it and are very considerate of students who are in difficult conditions.

What People Say