CSP or Certified Startup Professional is a 65-hour program by SKILLSertifika. The program is co-certified by NEF (National Education Foundation), USA. The program focuses on not only starting your own business but also on the sustainability & scalability aspects of businessWhatever may be your profession, working toward a professional certification or designation takes a significant amount of time and effort. As with every business decision, you’ll need to weigh out the pros and cons. If your field of work has mandatory requirements, then you really have no choice, also it’s worth considering the wider benefits that it will bring. Business practices, the industry, and your customers will change over time. This means it’s beneficial for you to grow and develop with them. One way to do that is through training courses and certification.


Course Duration

64 hours (Duration may vary depending upon delivery & requirements)

Exam Duration

1 hours

Total Duration

65 hours (Duration may vary depending upon delivery & requirements)


Online & Classroom


Rs 9,999


Total no of hours of learning – 65 hours, which includes videos, case studies, selfstudy, AI tool practice & exam. world.

Teaches you the basics of starting a business.

Covers seven aspects of starting a new venture in a simple and practical manner.

Gives you an overall idea about risks-rewards of starting a new business/venture.

CSP is not academically rigorous as CIP or BDTP, but simple and practical.


As a core competence
When customers approach you for the first time with a business inquiry, they don’t know you or how you operate. One of the most effective ways to attract them, reassure them and win their trust is through certification. If the certification comes from a well-known awarding body, then the customer will feel like they know what to expect, which will make them more comfortable

While you may want to channel some of your budget into marketing, there are other routes to consider. Professional development, and in particular, certification, can differentiate you from other companies and give you an edge. Your certification demonstrate that you keep up with industry trends and use the latest tools and software to offer a service that can help your customers.

Kaizen – continuous learning
It’s likely that you will learn new techniques and skills -- not only those associated withyour field but also transferable skills. These could include discipline and communication. It’s likely that by being successful in your work towards certification,your confidence in your abilities will grow. Throughout the process, you might find other opportunities to enhance your standing in your industry. You’ll come into contact with others in your industry, including experts in your field. Make the most of these occasions to network and seek ways to support and gain assistance from your peers

Let the cash flow
It’s crucial to consider the possibility that certification can make your business grow. Expertise has value, and certification is a definite way to enhance it. You can now charge beyond the industry benchmarks with a high degree of differentiation (just look at BMW! They never sell cheap cars)


Prospective emerging and existing Entrepreneurs


Enterprises looking at funding

Businesses looking at JVs, alliances and tie-ups

Business Consultants and Analysts

Product led enterprises

Service Led enterprises

Chain store operators


Policy Makers and Business Associations

Retail and B-Schools students

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Exam: Certified Startup Professional

Duration: 60 minutes

Total marks: 50

(There will be no negative marking)

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Section 1: Introduction

Current scenario of Entrepreneurship

Skill set vs Mind

Case Studies - Discussion

Section 2: Legality and Compliance

Choosing the Right Legal Structure



Case Studies - Discussion

Section 3: Financial Management

Financial Statements, MIS and Financial KPIs

Working Capital Management

Financial Management and Long-Term Investments

Break Even Analysis

Cash in & cash out

Case Studies – Discussion

Section 4: Business Planning

Components of Business Plan - Participants will go through the actual business plan

Hands on - Live designing of Business Plan

Section 5: Funding

Funding Overview

Dilution Rate

Section 6: Social Media

Digital Marketing Overview

How Artificial Intelligence and other technologies are changing the buying pattern

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