BDTP (Business & Design Thinking Professional) is an 80-hour program by SKILLSertifika. The program is co-certified by NEF (National Education Foundation), USA. The program focuses on building thinking skills. The five thinking skills includes Design thinking, Resilient thinking, Agile/flexible thinking, Visionary/deep thinking & Contrarian or ULTA thinking. Deficiency in thinking skills and not paying attention to thinking is the root cause of 95% start-up failures worldwide and the average life span of corporates is creeping towards the dreaded single digit figure from 67 years a generation ago.
The five thinking skill hats enable you to face any strange, complex and challenging situation anywhere anytime in life, be it exam hall, a cricket match, an interview or starting a new venture. The 3 C framework is briefly introduced in BDTP module and explained in detail in the innovation module. Innovation module is included in PGDIE program & Certified Innovation Professional.


Course Duration

77 hours (Duration may vary depending upon delivery & requirements)

Exam Duration

3 hours

Total Duration

80 hours (Duration may vary depending upon delivery & requirements)


Online & Classroom


Rs 9,999


Total no of hours of learning – 80 hours, which includes videos, case studies,self-study & AI tool practice.

Helps you to understand THE ART OF THINKING in totality – far beyond just design thinking

Rigorous module on all design thinking methodology – IDEO, STANFORD and HUMAN CENTERED DESIGN approach.

The AI tools enable you to test your ideas and understand Technology-Human-Interface or THI and HOW TO USE TECHNOLOGIES CREATIVELY for benefit of the customer, social projects and society at large.

The 3 C framework in RESILIENT THINKING module will help you to broaden and enhance your view of business world.


Design Thinking helps you to understand the difference between "what the consumer says?" & "how he behaves?".

In other words, design thinking increases the customer value proposition several times.

A super hit blockbuster product like "iphone" uses design thinking in a big way, it is a widely used technique in FMCG, consumer-wide goods & automobile industry.

In adverse situations, whether in life or business, being resilient is a must. Our resilient thinking series tells you to understand how to tackle adverse situations.

The ability to think on one's feet quickly is also known as "Agile thinking".

The ability to foresee the future is known as "Visionary or deep thinking".

The ability to think paradoxically is known as "Counter-intuitive thinking".

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BDTP has 2 unique exams, first exam focuses on different aspects of thinking skills while the second one primarily focuses on design thinking.

Exam 1: iTAT (Innovative Thinking Ability Test)

Duration: 120 minutes

Total marks: 100

Resilient Thinking - 25 marks

Agile thinking/Flexible thinking - 25 marks

Deep thinking - 25 marks

(There will be no negative marking)

Exam 2: Design Thinkig

Duration: 60 minutes

Total marks: 50

(There will be no negative marking)

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Section 1: Design thinking



History & Evolution

Misconceptions & myths

IDEO 3 I framework

Human-centered design

Stanford university 5-point methodology

Connecting the dots 7 ways

Need finding tools & ethnographic research methods

Section 2: Resilient thinking




Section 3: Agile thinking

Basic concepts of Agile thinking based on contemporary strategic management literature.

Section 4: Deep thinking

How to envisage the future and on what basis?

Section 5: Counter Intuitive thinking

How to think what others are not, how to see what others are not seeing.

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